Box Stitching Machine

Kmc-Marvel Stitcher is meant for stitching the boxes. It can be supplied with 8 mm(5/16") both in Angular and Straight thickness capacity stitching head and is efficient to speed up to 300 stitches per minute with complete safety and simplicity of operation and maintenance. All parts of the head mechanism are easily accessible for cleaning, lubrication and inter-change of wire parts.

Title Creasing, Perforating/Half Sticker Cutting Machine

It is meant for creasing the cover of a paperback book. The machine can also used for perforating the papers. With unbeaten precision and quality, the machine will be an asset to any printing house to produce the paperback books of international standards.

Heavy Duty Cutting & Creasing Platen (Carton Punching)

The Heavy duty platen (Die) cutting, creasing, embossing presses are particularly designed for die cutting, scoring and creasing work on paper, linoleum, card board, corrugated board, fibre board, cork, leather, P.V.C. material etc. Most handsome and compact patronized model requires minimum floor space, minimum make ready time and provide sufficient hourly production. The heavy duty platen die cutting, creasing, embossing presses are offered with widest range of sizes to suit multiple applications. These are ideal to cut corrugated card board & solid fibre boxes, carton decals, puzzles, games, advertising displays, greeting cards, vinyl cutting letters, half cut stickers etc.

Paper Corrugated Board & Box Making Machines

We offer a wide range of corrugated board & box making machines. We provide these machines in several models and sizes to meet the requirement of related Industry. Corrugation machines are available with normal speed to high speed models and with various fluting options i.e. A, B, C, E & F flutes to meet the requirement both corrugated boxes as well as printed cartons. We also supply the allied machines to make 3, 5, 7, 9 etc. ply corrugated boards & different machines to make complete corrugated box. Oblique type high speed model offers high rate of production. The machine is fitted with Gear Box which runs in oil bath. The machine has motorised self loading reel stand, 3heaters & 1 pre heating cylinder.